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Glassware Repairs

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Don't throw away your cracked or broken glassware! G.F.I. specializes in all kinds of laboratory glass and quartz ware repairs. One of the great things about G.F.I. is our location! We are located right outside of Boston which is very convenient to all the BioTech and Pharmaceutical companies in the area as well as all the Colleges and Universities in and around Boston! Just give us a call. We can use our local courier service, for a nominal fee, to pickup your broken glassware and return it to you in "like new" condition at a fraction of the cost of replacement! We can also modify your current equipment to keep pace with your changing research/manufacturing needs.  Occasionally, we do lose a piece in our efforts to try and repair.  It is usually due to the item being scratched or just overused.  We cannot be held responsible for items lost during repair or modification.

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Large reaction head being repaired in the lathe.




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