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Finkenbeiner Inc. proudly manufactures anatomical models based on Gray's Anatomy and your custom specifications. Models can be made to simulate various parts of human anatomy. Possibilities include, but are not limited to; circulatory, digestive, and pulmonary systems. In the past year we have created; Aortic arches, Esophageal models, Pancreatic models, Ventricle models, as well as Treacheobronchial models.

Our glassblowers have a combined experience of 34 years, and are here to consult with you on your projects when the need arises. Please email or call for information or consultation.

Standard Flat Aortic Arch Model
Custom arch models are available with many different arterial configurations.
Custom Bent Aortic Arch with Femoral
Custom Arch with Left and Right Coronary Artery
Inferior Vena Cava to Common Iliac Veins
* Includes standard taper ground joint for connection to right Atrium