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Up to $10,000 reward

For information leading to the discovery of Gerhard B. Finkenbeiner and his aircraft. Gerhard took off from Norwood Memorial Airport on May 6, 1999 at 2:45 PM. The single-engine plane, a 1980 Piper Arrow IV, tail number N8235Z (pictured below) was tracked to a radar beacon a mile southwest of Plymouth Municipal Airport 21 minutes later. His aircraft was undergoing a gradual descent when it dropped below 1100 feet and under radar coverage at that location. A possible sighting of an aircraft matching this description was reported at approximately 4:45 PM the same day in the Danielson, CT area, though no confirmation exists that this was the same aircraft.

Please forward any pertinent information to Steph Finkenbeiner at 714-633-5562. 

(Gerhard Finkenbeiner, left, and Gerhard with his plane, below)

The reward will be paid in full, split among those contributing to the discovery, based on the impact of their contributions.