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portable glass harmonicaglass harmonica with Mahogany cabinet

The Glasses used to make Finkenbeiner Glass Harmonicas are made from Pure Quartz (fused silica) and contain no lead. Instruments are completely assembled with motor and speed control.
(please inquire about traditional foot treadles)
All instruments come with a self-instruction manual either in English or German.

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Keyboard diagrams provided to show the range of each instrument
refer to photos above for layout of Portable and Cabinet Models

F-25C- 2 Octaves. 25 notes C5 to C7

F-30C- 30 notes C5 to F7

F-25G- 2 Octaves. 25 notes G4 to G6

F-30G- 30 notes G4 to C7

F-37F-3 Octaves. 37 notes F4 to F 7

F-32C- 32 notes C4 to G6

F-37C- 3 Octaves. 37 notes C4 to C 7

F-42C-42 notes C4 to F7

F-37G- 3 Octaves. 37 notes G3 to G6

F-37FM- 3 Octaves. 37 notes F3 to F6

Have a special range in mind? Let us know and we'll give a you a price!


Foot Speed Control
provides increased dymanic range and attack w/speed increase and decrease pedals

Cabinets and Cases


Cabinets are available for all instruments, but it is recommended that if you may consider "expanding" your Glass Harmonica's range in the future, you purchase a cabinet only for the larger instrument.

Please note that cabinets, cases and enclosures cannot be accepted for credit at any later time towards larger cabinets, cases or enclosures.

Cabinets are made to order for each individual instrument, and the height of the support legs can be specified to accommodate a player's foot- to - knee height and playing position.

Cabinets vary in length according to the size of the instrument.The support legs are removable and all electronics and mechanical parts are concealed.


Black, foam lined travel cases come with straps that hold down the base panel of a Portable Model, two locking and two padlock hasp locking side pieces, and two recessed end handles. Available in lift-off or hinged design.
An area can also be made to house the speed control and / or accessories such as foot pedals
Prices depend on the size of the instrument and cushoning/shape.
Please inquire when ordering.

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